Maintenance Spill Pads

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Maintenance Spill Pads


Weight 165 gsm*


Premium Quality Maintenance (MRO) spill pads

Premium quality maintenance spill pads, absorbs all oils and fuels, water based liquids and mild chemicals.

Made in Germany by Europe’s leading manufacturer of absorbent products to exacting quality standards including ISO9001 certification. Genuinely the best value product available online.

This lightweight version comes with 200 pads in a bale each of which is perforated centrally enabling half pads to be easily used for smaller spills or as a wipe. Each pad absorbs 500ml, more than ample for everyday spill situations and has market leading wet strength ensuring the pad will not tear in use. This is the most economical choice to deal with smaller spillages.

Free dispenser box for full pack quantities 200/400/600/800 pads


This versatile pad is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications including automotive garages and engineering shops, able to absorb all fluids commonly used. 

Key Features

• Absorbs all oils and fuels, water based liquids and mild chemicals 
• Pack absorbency (200 pads) 100L 
• Sonically bonded and featuring a cover stock for market leading wet strength and durability
• Each pad has a central perforation for economy of use
• Pad dimension 40cm x 50cm weight 6.5kg (200 pads)

 Our pads are rigorously tested to ensure they outperform rivals. Absorbency tested to British Standards (BS 7959-1, 2000) please be aware of sellers making unsubstantiated absorbency claims. Ours are 100% genuine and we have the data to back them up.


Further Information
  • Fire retardant as per ASTM 726.
  • Ensure that disposal of these sorbents complies with all regulations.